Dion Devow

Radio Host | Entrepreneur | Speaker

Australian of the Year, entrepreneur Dion Devow is an excellent communicator. 

Dion is an ABC radio presenter and ambassador for community development with over twenty years experience in Indigenous health, education, justice and business.

Dion Devow has established several businesses in varied fields including consulting and ICT companies. He has strong business skills and extensive experience as a speaker, MC, facilitator and arbitrator.

Dion Devow's career has been built on helping his people by working as a conduit between Indigenous and non Indigenous peoples, and in the process has been able to bring people of all nationalities together.


  • Australian of the Year, 2018 (ACT).
  • NAIDOC Person of the Year, 2016 (ACT).
  • NAIDOC Business Person of the Year, 2014 (ACT)
  • CEO of Yerra, Supply Aus, Indigimation, Tea and Bell Collective and Jingili Group.
  • Owner of Darkies Designs, the Indigenous clothing label.
  • ABC radio presenter.

Dion is a fluent and highly experienced communicator able to convey ideas, concepts and strategies to all strata of society and the Public and Private sectors. He has built positive relationships with senior executives and as Australian of the Year engaged with the Prime Minister and Governor General. He is respected by local Indigenous communities, particularly in the provision of government services and innovation and

transformation programs. Dion regularly provides his expertise to communities and most recently provided expert advice to a Northern Territory Innovation centre. This included meetings with senior Darwin business people, indigenous business owners and Northern Territory government officials.

Dion Devow is a proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander man and father of three.

What people say:

“Really loved the chance to have Dion as MC … So easy to work with and really nailed his brief.” - Executive, Canberra Centre, September 2022.

Favourite Animal:
Sausage dog
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