Dan Bourchier

TV/Radio Host | Speaker | MC

Dan Bourchier is a multi-award winning journalist and broadcaster with the ABC.

He is the host of Mornings and Weekends on ABC News Channel, and is the Chair of the ABCs Bonner Committee. Dan regularly hosts major national programs and events for the ABC.

In 2023, Dan was the ABCs Voice/Referendum Correspondent, and headed up the reporting coverage across the ABC. He was also a host of The Drum, and reported for Four Corners, regularly appeared on Insiders, and reported across radio, TV, online and social media at the ABC.

Dan has reported across the country and around the world for more than 25 years - beginning as a window cleaner and cadet reporter at the Tennant and District Times as a teenager, still at school.

Dan grew up in the remote Northern Territory town of Tennant Creek, where he was mentored by Elders from around the region, while coming to understand his own Indigenous heritage from his mum’s family in Victoria.

Dan has worked as a newspaper reporter, video journalist, foreign correspondent, political reporter, and social commentator

The keen runner, reader, and scuba diver, is a qualified and accomplished company director and was a foundation member of the NT Parliament’s bipartisan advisory committee in to Statehood and has been a keen advocate for democratic equality and equity. He has sat on numerous boards, committees and charities, using his considerable experience in structural reform, governance, audit and risk, and media and communications.

Dan is an in-demand MC, event facilitator, guest speaker, and expert communicator who has worked across the nation.

Dan is driven by giving voice to the voiceless, holding to account those in positions of power, and telling really great stories.

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