Vaccination Q&A
Do you and your team have questions?
Dr Nick Coatsworth
The opportunity

Invite one of Australia's favourite doctors and a leading specialist on Novel Coronavirus to join your team and answer all your general vaccine questions.

Dr Nick Coatsworth shares personal stories and makes the medical information accessible and enjoyable for your team. 

With his skills as an infectious disease physician, a respiratory physician, a practitioner of disaster and humanitarian medicine, Nick became one of the most recognised medical spokespeople during the pandemic, engaging the Australian community through a variety of media platforms.

This is an invaluable session that will: 

  • Align your team;
  • Reduce staff anxiety;
  • Promote accurate information; and
  • Empower your organisation. 

Don't miss this opportunity to show your commitment to your people and their health.

Key topics

  • Vaccine safety
  • Why do we need to get vaccinated?
  • Vaccine similarities and differences

Session info

  • The session runs for up to one hour.
  • Host Nick at your workplace or via a live video link.
  • Interactive Q&A gives your team the option to have their questions answered directly.

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Empower your organisation 

Align your team with practical advice

Fact or fiction? Hear from the expert

What people are saying

This was a great session. Nick was able to provide such simple answers to some really complex questions that I learnt so much from. A really great use of time. Thanks again.


The session was really informative and also helped to bust a few myths that are circulating, which could help with having those difficult conversations with our friends and families who may be hesitant about having the vaccine.


Great session, I found the clarity, transparency and openness really helped. The questions were well thought out and answered. I feel much more informed- thanks for organising :)

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