Ben Crothers

Visual thinker | Facilitator | Speaker

Ben helps you work out the fundamentals of your business, product or service: your purpose, your strategy, and your value proposition.

But it’s not all abstract plans and nice-looking charts; it’s about raising your team’s innovation capabilities, for better idea generation, prototyping and business cases. Ben does this through facilitating all kinds of workshops, and bringing conversations to life with sketching and visualisation.

Ben was Principal Design Strategist for Atlassian and is now an ambassador for Good Design Australia.

Ben has two big passions in life. The first is drawing, in all its forms: for art, for provocation, for explanation, for communication. The second is using the mindset, skillset and toolset of design in teams, to solve problems and envision better futures.

Both are all about unlocking people’s potential to make a better impact for our communities and our planet, amidst the messiness and ambiguity of modern life. This is what drives him as a speaker, for conferences, corporate offsites, and podcasts. Topics:

  • Using drawing for business strategy, user experience, persuasion and creativity
  • Design Thinking, and using design for better innovation, business performance, and team performance
  • Unleashing creativity at work, in useful and non-awkward ways

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