Sanjaya Senanayake

Writer | Doctor | Speaker

Sanjaya Senanayake is an outstanding communicator, well known for his work on TV and radio and loved for his children's books, novels and non-fiction.

As a young doctor, Sanjaya Senanayake found that diagnosing a mystery illness and making a patient better was what gave him job satisfaction. He was drawn to Infectious Diseases, where he became a "disease detective" exploring all facets of a patient's life to try and pin down the cause of their illness.

After reading a book about the 1918 influenza pandemic Sanjaya realised that by extending his expertise to Epidemiology he could solve medical mysteries and help individuals, whole communities and make a difference at a global level.

By combining his medical skills with an enthusiasm to communicate medical information to the general public, Sanjaya has appeared regularly in the media in Australia. His role as a medical expert has been no more apparent than during the COVID-19 pandemic where he has been a constant presence in people's homes.

Sanjaya is a keen writer. His novel, "Chilli, Chicks and Heart Attacks: The Misadventures of an Intern" was published in 2010. He has contributed short stories and poems to two collections of books for children ("Mik Rice 2" and "The Vampire Umpire"). In the academic world, McGraw Hill has published two of his books ("Clinical Cases in Infectious Diseases" and "Clinical Cases in General Medicine").

Favourite Animal:
Polar bear
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